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best cannabis strains in Maine

Pheno Hunt for Best Cannabis Strains in Waterville, Maine

Cannabis is now legal for recreational use in Maine, and many people are excited to explore the new strains and available products. If you’re looking for the best cannabis strains in Waterville, Maine, Wildfire is pheno hunting to provide you with top-quality strains to carry in store. 

Pheno hunting is the method of selecting the best cannabis phenotypes to grow the best cannabis strains. Wildfire, LLC  gets the full terpene profile of each strain combined with other methods to create the top strains. Let’s learn more about the process. 

Cultivation Process

quality cannabis cultivationThe process of picking the greatest cannabis phenotypes is known as pheno hunting among producers. Skilled cannabis breeders use it to create the best cannabis strains possible. A fundamental understanding of plant genetics is needed to understand pheno hunting and how it works. 

Cannabis genetic diversity comprises a wide range of traits. As a result, in each purchase of seeds, the seeds are seedlings of a certain strain. This strain will have a generic set of characteristics that differentiate it, and the plants produced will be unique. Each seed has its genetic code, influencing everything from size and shape to aroma and strength. 

Wildfiremaine understands the cannabis genetic diversity and how each cannabis plant is unique. With this, they can supply strong and delicious cannabis to their medical patients and recreational users by using premium genetics and carefully picked phenotypes.

The company worked behind the scenes in the Maine recreational cannabis business for years, producing outstanding cannabis strains using advanced science and equipment. The Wildfiremaine facility is incredibly technologically advanced, opening the door for elite and unique cannabis cultivation.

Pheno Hunting Process

Wildfiremaine’s pheno hunting process has several advantages, making them stand out among the other pheno hunts. Aside from the general pheno hunting process, Wildfiremain does the following method to make them stand out from other pheno hunts. 

  • Wildfiremaine study and get the full terpene profile for their strain. The terpene profile gives the strain its distinct flavor, taste, and odor.
  • They are collecting data from about 50 seeds per strain. It is common to see about 5-10 seeds. 
  • To keep their rooms,  growing, curing, and drying rooms, clean, they use bipolar ionization. Bipolar ionization is a specialized device that generates positive and negative ions into the atmosphere, allowing them to manufacture clean, safe, and reliable products from seed to store.

Accordingly, here is a simple guide for Wildfiremaine’s pheno hunting process and help you to understand how Wildfiremaine produces the best cannabis strain.

  1. Remove the Males – Removing the males from the plant is the first step in pheno hunting. This will prevent pollination and the destruction of the yield. Any plants with male pre-flowers should be killed or isolated early if you intend on breeding. 
  2. Understand the Morphology of Each Plant – Morphology pertains to the plant’s physical characteristics. When pheno hunting, these indicators should be the initial thing you look for after separating your males. Analyze each plant’s life cycle over the first 2-4 weeks of its life cycle, specifically the following:

cannabis morphology

  • Height
  • Structure
  • Stretch or its vertical growth
  • Internodal spacing
  • Growth rate
  • Foliage health
  • Structure of their roots
  • Terpene profile (what provides the strain with its specific flavor, taste, and smell)
  1. Evaluate the Hardiness of Each Plant – The hardiness of each plant is needed by answering the following question:
  • Did any of the replanted plants show delayed development?
  • Do any of the plants suffer from a pest or disease?
  • How much nutrition do the plants require?
  • Do any of them require additional nutrition and treatment to catch pace with the others?
  1. Evaluate How Your Plants React to their Training – Use LST or HST strategies such as topping or super cropping. Ensure to observe how each plant performs to the preferred training method. LST or low-stress training is all about exposing cannabis plants under little stress as necessary while still affecting how they grow. While on the other hand, HST or high-stress training, topping, mainlining, and FIM trimming are used to attain the same outcome.

Certain plants may react favorably to LST strategies such as bending or being tied down, whereas others grow when topped or trimmed.

  1. Track the Number of Bud Sites Produced by Each Plant – Track the progress of how many bud sites or nodes each cannabis grows as it begins to pre-flower. The plants with more bud sites will most probably generate more flowers, resulting in a larger yield. Additionally, remember the position of these bud sites, as flowers near the plant’s base will be relatively smaller than those near the plant’s top. 


When deciding which cannabis strain to purchase, consider what you want and prefer. It’s best to buy a cannabis strain in a company that is pheno hunting for the best strains.

Wildfire has everything for everyone, with over 20 strains, concentrates, vape cartridges, and a wide range of edibles.