Craft Maine Cannabis Products

We are dedicated to our craft, and more importantly to our customers.

WildFire has been working with local Maine companies to get our new adult-use facility built, focusing on the things that make Maine grown cannabis great. We do everything we can to help our fellow small businesses out, working almost exclusively with Maine business owners. WildFire has always worked towards the betterment of the understanding we have with cannabis, and always will.

We have a variety of amazing strains; all hand chosen and highly coveted. Our cannabis is grown with care, each plant receiving exactly what they need to thrive. In order to ensure every bud looks perfect, all of our product is hand trimmed. Our mission is to help start a new era of cannabis, where the standards are higher and the product is better than ever.

  • Big Smooth

    Big Smooth is an Indica dominant hybrid with wonderful mood lifting properties. This strain stays true to its name, the buds are big and the smoke is as smooth as butter. The parents of this strain are Blueberry OG and Cookies and Cream making it have a blueberry muffin aroma, and a beautiful flavor of sweet blueberry with a hint of nuttiness. This strain is perfect for a mellow long lasting high, it is the perfect hybrid of head high and body high.

  • Gorilla Glue #4

    Gorilla Glue #4 is a sativa dominant Hybrid, with a strong diesel lead in, and some subtle earthy tones. With parents of Chem sister, Sour Dubb, and Chocolate Diesel, this award winning strain is a great head high, but believe me you will be “gorilla glued” to the couch. Gorilla Glue is famous for its wonderful effects, producing heavy body high and a lighter creative head high.

  • Inzane in the Membrane

    Being described as too strong for most flower smokers, Inzane in the Membrane is a sativa that is high in thc, testing up to 35%. Inzane in the Membrane has a unique bouquet similar to a pine tree that grows lemons, and a wonderful flavor that adds a little bit of diesel to the mix. This strain is not only one of our best, but it also has a mysterious lineage having never been publicly released. This bud is a bright green with stunning orange pistols. Inzane in the Membrane is often described as the pinnacle of sativas, it produces an energetic, uplifting, and cerebral high. This strain is best if you would like to lose your phone while it’s still in your hand.

  • Kimbo Kush

    Kimbo Kush is a staff favorite, this incredibly frosty bud has delicious aroma and flavor. The parents to this strain are Blackberry Kush, and Starfighter, making it have a beautiful blackberry scent, and and an herbaceous smoke. Kimbo Kush is named after the late Kimbo Slice, because this bud will punch you in the face, and knock you on your ass. Kimbo is an Indica-dominant hybrid that leaves the mind pleasantly foggy and the body pain free.

  • Rosin Prerolls

    Our rosin pre-rolls are heavy hitters, with 1 ½ grams of flower and ¼ of a gram of rosin. Providing a rich flavor from the flower and amazing cerebral effects from the rosin, this joint will knock your socks off. Made with our own high quality flower and house made rosin, prepare for one of the best highs you’ve ever had! Packed full of flavor and potency, this product is truly one of our best.

  • Sour Banana Larry

    Sour Banana Larry is a true hybrid with unique scent, and a cerebral high. This beautiful strain has a deep green base with brilliant orange hairs, and of course, coated in crystals! It is both a pleasure to the eyes and the nose, and has a smooth and sour flavor. This strain has a very earthy opening with touches of diesel and lemon, creating a very unique herbal flavor. The Cross of Banana Oger Kush and Sour Larry OG creates a very care-free joyful high that is perfect for creativity and relaxation.

  • Wonka Bars

    Wonka Bars is a sativa dominant hybrid, with a delicious sweet flavor and nutty undertones. Wonka is one of our best looking strains, it has a vibrant green overtone, purple leaves, and gorgeous orange hairs, it is also incredibly frosty. This strain is a cross between GMO cookies and Mint chocolate chip, producing a high that is energetic, light, and productive, without losing it’s relaxing qualities. Wonka bars is a customer favorite, for it’s flavor, aroma, and euphoric effects. Not guaranteed to make your grandfather mobile again, despite a lack of medical intervention, but still delicious nonetheless.